Council and Minutes


Christa Van Herreweghe
Term: 2018-2021
University City Public Library
Amanda Albert
Term: 2018-2021
Washington University
Vice President
Jamie Emery
Term: 2018-2021
Saint Louis University
Jeff Bargielski
Term: 2016-2019
Francis Howell Middle School
Heidi Vix
Term: 2016-2019
Webster University
Brigid Dolan
Term: 2016-2019
Parkway North High School
Erin Magner
Term: 2017-2020
St. Louis County Library
Nina O’Daniels
Term: 2018-2021
Fort Zumwalt West High School
Julie Portman
Term: 2017-2020
Fontbonne University
Laurie St. Laurent
Term: 2017-2020
St. Charles City-County Library

Meeting Minutes

Mission Statement

The mission of the St. Louis Regional Library network is to provide opportunities and forums for libraries and librarians to share resources and to learn from each other. To fulfill its mission, the Network shall identify the needs and resources of the library community served by the Network, develop and offer cooperative programs deemed appropriate by member libraries and evaluate and assess those needs and programs.

The St. Louis Regional Library Network is governed by a set of Bylaws.